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Meet Kerstin - Fort Lauderdale Home Organizer

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Elevate your space through meticulously designed closets that blend opulence with functionality.


Explore our curated designs and expert insights to embrace sophisticated solutions for kitchen organization.


Discover the bespoke solutions that transcend your bedrooms into statements of elegance.

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Rooms: Bedrooms | Playrooms | Nurseries | Mudrooms | Downsizing

Closets: Bedrooms | Linen | Utility | Wardrobe | Armoires

Kitchens: Pantries | Drawers | Cabinets | Refrigerators | Freezers 

Bathrooms: Cabinets | Drawers | Under Sink | Countertops  Laundry

Rooms: Shelves | Cabinets | Rolling CartsHome Offices: Desks | Drawers | Bookshelves 

Garages: Shelves | Cabinets | Overhead Space | Workbenches

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Relocation & Moving

Experience the epitome of effortless relocation with our exclusive White Glove Moving Services. From meticulous packaging to seamless transitions, we curate a stress-free journey for your move. Our team of experts ensures every item finds its place, handling your possessions with utmost care and precision. Embrace a hassle-free relocation as we transform the chaos of moving into an organized, tailored experience. Trust us to elevate your move beyond mere transportation – it's a seamless transition into your new space, tailored to your needs and executed with precision.

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Streamline Files: Go Digital | Organize Must Have Papers

Declutter: Offices | Desktops | Supply & File Cabinets | Closets | Bookshelves 

Office Moves: Coordinating | Packing | Organizing

Post Moves:  Unpacking | Organizing | Sorting | Cleaning | Order Supplies

Staging: Coordinate Furniture Placement | Order Furniture Needed

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Weekly: Check in to lightly clean and straighten any room(s) in home or office

Monthly: Monthly upkeep to maintain systems set in place

Quarterly: Declutter and organize spaces that require attention

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Areas Include: Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties

Hourly Rate $135 | Does Not Include Materials (2 people available at $155/hr

Travel Fee Outside Broward Co. $135 (Flat Fee) 

Maintenance Program Hourly Rate $135/hr

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